Custom Panel Design & Fabrication

J M Electric can provide Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) certified custom distribution panels. Not only will building inspectors want your system certified, but you will get the assurance that your system has been rated for safe usage

Here are some examples of when you’ll want a custom-built distribution panel:

- You have a production facility where you want specific secondary equipment to shut off automatically when primary equipment is turned off

- You want an efficient lighting system, where your lights are automatically controlled based upon available ambient light


Service Agreement
Whenever possible, you will be provided with a Designed Electrical Services® proposal that guarantees you, ahead of time, a fair and known price.   If work is done on a “Time and Material” basis, you can be assured that we will perform the highest possible quality of work at the lowest possible cost to you.
TEGG Services
Our preventative
maintenance services are designed to identify
electrical problems before they cause your business costly downtime.